My name is Hugues Lys and I am an independent French art jewelry designer and maker based in Paris. 

First an engineer graduated from French Ecole Polytechnique, I learned jewelry as a self-taught for many years before training at Ecole Boulle.

After years in science and engineering, I have developed a taste for precision, technical exploration, innovation, and well-made things. Half jeweler, half mad scientist, I decided, at a very early stage, to do everything in-house: design, traditional metal work, wax carving, lost wax casting, setting and polishing. This allows me to do a lot of experiments, work very efficiently and to have an absolute control over the quality of my pieces. This is what allowed me to create my first blinking ring.

From the beginning of my journey as a jeweler, I’ve wanted to make something new, different and interesting, which is quite a challenge in this industry. As a man, I always felt there was a huge gap to be filled between classic “rock” pieces and purely abstract ones. Today, I design and make pieces of fine jewelry that conveys something both strong and subtle, for both men and women.

I strongly believe that, as a craftsman, I put a part of my soul in every piece that passes through my hands. This is why I don’t use any CAD, 3D modelling or printing and do everything by hand.

I only work with precious metals and natural gemstones, to make the most beautiful and durable pieces of jewelry, talismans that will be at your side for the rest of your life.

Hugues Lys